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Oaklyn PTA President's email

PTA programs & fundraising
Our primary objective as a PTA is to provide our school with funds, programs, resources and services that will enrich and maximize the education of every child. To meet our objectives, and afford services that are no longer covered by the school budget, we must fundraise. Our school community must raise money if we want to provide our children with assemblies, social functions, scholarships, etc.

What is the PTA and who can be a member?
Our PTA is part of the national Parent Teacher Association that strives to promote an environment at school where teachers and administrators can do their best work and our students can do their best learning. To offset the cost of inclusion in the National PTA we need to charge membership dues. Becoming a member does not mean you automatically sign up to volunteer, it just means you support our group and believe in what we’re doing.

Become a volunteer...why YOU should be involved
We need your help, and so do your children. Numerous independent studies on parent involvement show that when parents get involved in their children’s education grades go up, test scores improve, children are more likely to attend better schools after high school, they have fewer discipline problems, and they’re less likely to use drugs and alcohol. Get involved TODAY!

Volunteering doesn’t have to mean a huge time commitment.We understand it is increasingly more difficult to find time to give- many of our current volunteers are also working full-time outside of the home. Please, whatever your time schedule allows, we could use your help. We even have tasks that can be performed in the evenings, during the day, or that don’t even involve coming to the school at all.

PTA Meetings are a great way to learn what we do
We invite you to join us for our monthly meetings throughout the year in the school library at 7:30 pm (please see the school calendar for info on upcoming meeting dates and events). We look forward to meeting you!

Please join PTA today and be an active member! PTA is only as good as its members!

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